Despite rumors to the contrary, 
i'm not tied up all the time... Things around here (at home) sure have changed a bit since the chats have opened up. Some things have changed, and some things haven't. i love my bondage, and i love living it 24/7 whenever possible. i suppose that you can even say i love Domination and submission. For me that's normal, a natural extention of bondage. For others it's not, and that is as cool as cool can get. sickness and in health...

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  Now don't get me wrong, i don't wander around the house all day in chains. That would be cool, but this is the real world, and i have a job and bills, and sometimes i even get sick. It's all a part of life, even when my husband gets sick!

But where are the lines drawn, and how does bondage fit into everyday life? And this Domination and submision thing that i am drawn to, how does it fit in?

This week when i came home from work one day i walk into a hot house. My husband (my Master Rob) has come home from work sick, and he's in the bed freezing. i went to him and start doing what i can to make him feel better. After i have him all comfy i start taking orders for what kind of medicine to go back into town and pick up for him - making a mental note to pick up plenty of stuff for him to drink like orange juice - not to mention lots of chicken noodle soup! i also got vitamin C tablets, so i could keep popping them and most likely avoid getting sick myself.

When i get back Master is asleep, so after i make sure that i have everything in place to cook the soup in an instant or get the glass of orange juice, and i have his medicine laid out and ready, i get busy with the usual evening chores. Usually i keep things pretty much caught up, so in no time there's not much to do around the house. i fix myself a sandwich.

i am not a clean freak, and both of us believe in keeping things comfy. If anything does show up as needing to be done, then it's like a race who can get to it first. We believe in giving each other rewards and surprises, and that doesn't mean something from the store. In many ways it just means keping the remote for the tv where it can be found or keeping the clothes up off of the floor or putting things back in the cabinet. Those things have become extra nice to both of us, because we know they are things that can be done everyday, everytime.

i wanted to be quiet so that Master could sleep as much as he could. Oh ok, you caught me! i wanted to get on the computer and get into chat anyway! There wasn't much to do.

Now here's a point i've heard mentioned; some people on the net have wondered if i am real, or someone pretending to be like me or maybe if it's been Sir Red all along. Rest assured, Gentle Reader, that i am a real live person. i'm married, and Sir Red is like my online Master. Sir Red and i have never met (except for that time he saw me and i didn't get to see him), but we 'see' each other a lot via email or by chat. So i logged in, and before seeing how the chat room was doing i checked to see if Sir Red was online or not.

Thankfully he was on the net. i got his attention, and we began to chat. As it turned out his wife wasn't feeling too well either. She had sprained her ankle. So we both chatted and kept an ear open for our respective spouces.

i talked some more with Sir Red, and about the time i heard Rob stirring Sir Red heard his wife asking him for something, so we both got up about the same time to tend to our respective duties. The connection was left open, but niether of us were able to get back online that night.

Master wanted to tie me up since we were both home and it was all that late. That didn't strike me as being a good idea. Getting tied up when the other person is not in their right mind because they are tipsy or are out of it on medicine is not a good idea. Most likely it would be alright, but there's that chance that something could go wrong and just mess things up permanetly. To my way of thinking it's just not a good idea.

Rob wanted to be sexy, and since getting tied up wasn't a good idea i came up with something else. He was kissing me and along with the usual five o'clock shadow it was evident that maybe that morning he hadn't been feeling too well, because he just didn't get a good shave. That gave me an idea, so i went and got his electric shaver and gave him a shave like a man never gives to himself!

Basically i just knelt in the bed beside him and tenderly shaved him up perfect, being sure to get under his chin and down his neck and touching is an erotic thing to do... He wasn't into it much when i started, but then he got to where he was liking it. At first it was the little kid coming out in him craving attentin because he was sick, but then it turned into "I'm getting pampered - and I like it!" Now guys shave every morning, and it's sorta like when i do my hair before work - it's an everyday thing to get done with so that we can move on to other things. Not the case this time.

By the time i finished up he was a happy camper. At first he had been kinda timid and a little uneasy with me touching his face with an electric razor, but once he realized i wasn't going to cut off his nose he realxed and enjoyed it. It felt kinda nice for me too. i have kised that face and thought i knew it pretty well. There's something about being that intimate that builds bonds between two people. Intimate is another word that gets maimed in today's world. Usually it's meant to mean making love. Making love is pretty good, but touching in a lingering way is... well, it's like love prolonged. Kinda like bondage. Some things have to be rushed, even love-making, but gee whiz, taking one's time is pretty special.

It was nice giving him tender loving care. Sex, or the exchange of body fluids wasn't a great idea, but loving was. He was pretty comfortable by now, but i didn't want to stop - and there was no need to wear out the skin on his face with the razor, so i mixed up some alcohol and water and gave him something between a sponge bath and a body massage - concentrating mostly on his legs. i'm sure that he could have drifted back off to sleep at any time, except for me rubbing him down. By the time i finished and covered him up with the blanket he was smiling, and had his eyes closed. i turned off the lights, got undressed and laid down beside him. Contentment to the max, times two!


The next morning the alarm went off, and we got up. i doctored him up with medicine and fixed him some breakfast. Master did his best to make it into work, but i could see that he wasn't going to be able to make it, so i got him back to bed and called in for him. He had already gone back to sleep by the time i had gotten my shower.

We had already agreed that i should go on in to work and that he'd be okay. i don't remember much more about the morning. i may have gone into chat, but if i did i don't remember it. What i remember most about my day was waiting to get home to see how he was doing. In a way i was lucky, because we had a horendious day at work and i was super busy. The bad news on that is that by the time i got off work and back home i was pretty well worn out.

Thankfully Master was feeling a lot better. i fixed some super, but Master's appetite wasn't quite back yet, and he was tired and weak and achey. After i made sure he was doctored up with medicine again he went back to bed and right back to sleep. i still needed to unwind so i got online and found Sir Red again. His wife was doing better, and we were glad for that. Usualy when Sir Red and i chat it's not all sexy talk. We just share everyday things and even talk about the weather sometimes or the movies or old songs. i'm pretty terrible about remembering names, but Sir Red suffers through it and helps me recall the name of a movie or an actor as need be.

i heard some noise at the other end of the house and went to see what it was. Master had woke back up and wandered into the living room carrying his blanket with him. i got up and made sure he was all comfy. He still wasn't hungry and just kinda all weak and out of it. i asked if he wanted me to stay with him and he said he just needed to sit for awhile and to go back to what i was doing.

In a way i didn't want to leave him, but i know how it is when you have a cold, sometimes you want attention, and sometimes you are best left on your own. i went back to the computer, and Sir Red and i chatted about the shape of our spouces and taxes while keeping an ear alert. Durring the conversation i had to take a potty break, so i got up. It was quiet in the living room, so i went back in to check on Rob.

He was in there half covered with his blankie sprawled out and asleep. That's the description of adorable. i tucked him in as best as i could without waking him and tip-toed back to the computer. Master had evidently seen my purse beside the couch and gotten into it. He had my handcuffs firmly gripped in one hand! i could guess what he was dreaming about!

He was sick, but having sweet dreams of sex. i've done that, been completely out of it with a cold and all doped up on medicine and having sweet dreams about love and bondage. Sir Red and i talked for a bit and closed out for the evening. There's like a competition between us in how we close. To me it makes sense that i should always be the last to leave so that just in case he says something when i think he's done i get to see it. He feels about the same except with a suspition, i think, that he thinks i'm trying to get the last word in everytime. i'm learning to keep my yap shut when i think he's gone. i'm not as humble as i'd like to be, so i keep learning and trying.

i went back into the front room and just watched over Master as he slept. It felt good. i liked the fact that he was holding onto those handcuffs. That's a pretty good feeling all by itself. i was a little concerned though. i knew when he woke up he'd want to put them on me, and like i said it's not a good idea to get tied up by someone who's out of it. One learns to be safety concious with bondage. i decided to see how it went when he woke up. He was doing better than the night before. We had been careful not to get me infected, no kissing on the lips and like that. Of course i slept with him though. If the price of sleeping with my husband was taking a chance on getting a cold, any cold, then i was sleeping with him. One must have standards!

Master woke up after a bit. i was half napping and half keeping an eye on him when he sat up on the couch. i asked how he was feeling, and he said he felt a lot better. Rob held up my handcuffs - he had half an idea to tie me up. Think about the last time you were sick and you were around your lover... ideas run through your head. Was he having delusions of sex brought on by the cold and the medicine or was he? We talked about it for a bit, and he did seem to have a clear head. As soon as that was established i was ready. The night before had kinda stirred me up, and when i had come back in the living room and watched him hanging onto those handcuffs i had gotten more in the mood for some tie up games - if he was up to it...

i went him and knelt before him waiting, waiting for those words i love to hear, and he said them...

"Turn around and put your hands behind you!"

Maybe not THE favorite words (I love you!) but high up on the totum pole! i scooted around on my knees and offered my hands behind me. He handcuffed one wrist and hooked the handcuffs through my belt loop in back before securing my other hand. i was wearing some loose slopy shorts, one of his woreout old white shirts that he had tried to throw away and an old pair of my tennies that looked like they had come over on the Mayflower. Not my bestest duds, but when i turned around and looked in his eyes i could see that i could have been wearing an evening gown and not looked any better to him.

He smiled and kinda rolled his eyes in a way that told me i was all he ever had dreampt of. When he got up and headed for the bedroom i struggled to my feet and followed.

He got out a pair of leg irons and with a smile he told me, "Oh no you don't!" He pushed me backwards with his hand on my chest until he had me up against the door frame, He dropped the leg irons on the floor and pushed both of my arms back until they were both streched tight on either side of the door frame. "You are tempting me like you wouldn't believe, BUT you are not going to get my cold!" Then he just kinda lost control and began kissing me on my blouse/his old shirt. He went down my body almost all the way to my ankles - and then he came back up again, never kissing me on the face or allowing me to kiss him. "You are sleeping in the other bed tonight!"


"So you don't catch my cold and get sick too, sorry."

"Well why'd you tie me up and tease me then, Master?"

"So you'd be wanting me as much as i want you, and just as unable to do anything about it. Fair is fair. Now not another word. March!" he told me. He release me from the wall and marched me like a prisoner to the spare bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed and put on the leg irons looping them through the rail at the foot of the bed so that i wouldn't be able to get up and hobble back into him. The lights were turned off and the door slowly closed with my Master watching me for as long as he could.

And there i lay in frustration. i've been tied up before (duh) but never teased to the point of being weak in the knees and then just left tied up. i've slept with my hands hndcuffed behind me, but i don't remember having the cuffs looped through the pants loop on my jeans so i couldn't move my hands down into a more comfortable position. And i couldn't remember a time when Rob looked more like he could just eat me up!

There i was in bed trying not to, but rubbing my legs together getting hot hot hotter with no relief in sight! Talk about frustration! And when was i going to be able to work it off? No time soon it looked like. Surender is sweet, when you have someone to surender to...

i slept in fits and squirmed even though i tried not to. And i did something i haven't done in quit a while - i tried to get loose! (Close yer yap tracee.)

Suffice it to say that Master came and rescued me early in the morning, and we went back to OUR bedroom and got in OUR bed. He didn't free my hands, and he didn't let me rub up against him. Sleep had us in its grip by then, and i dozed back off for probably all of an hour before the alarm went off. Master got up, showered,ate and released me just as he was ready to go out the door. Frustrating day at work, but finally it was time to come home, and when i got here Master was all better. He'd made his day at work, felt reasonably well and healthy, and made me feel pretty good too - thank Goodness.

Yes, bondage is a part of how we live everyday!

UPDATE: Since writting this i got sick too. Rob, my Master and husband, is back up to 110%, and he reciprocated in kind for me. The first night he handcuffed my hands to the head of the bed and gave me a rub down. The second day he handcuffed me to the bed in the spare bedroom again. Sounds fair to a subbie... giggle... (We are both at full speed once again!)

i may not be tied up all the time,
just a lot of the time... Get to know Sir Red





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