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About chat, the t-shirt contest, the profiles, strangers in the night, and the future.

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Written: June 29, 2002

Welcome back my friends
to the show that never ends.
We're so glad you could attend.
Come inside, Come inside.

Here you'll find the best
Of the damsels in distress.
Come join for all the rest.
Sign up now, sign up now.

i love getting tied up!!! i love our chat. Lots of things going on in our chat. It is OUR chat you know, everyone that enters is a part of it. Chat can be a very strange place, if you're lucky! We have the moderates, the wild child or two, the ones in the middle, the ones on the edge and everywhere else! The ones on top, the ones on the bottom, where ever.

Chat has been a boon and a pain in the tush at times. i love everyone there just the same. We had a few get a little too wild and they had to be kicked, some got mad, some pleaded, and some did other things. Most have returned - under new names, but Sir Red and i know who they are and as long as they behave then it's cool. We can kick permanently, but who wants to do that? Chat is about and for people. As long as person A let's person B do what they want then all is cool. There are very few rules and that's how it oughta be.

i met a person in chat the other day that i liked very much. He's not into the bondage life-style, never tried it, and may not. i find that very nice. The last thing that those of us into bondage should do is isolate ourselves. We are as good as others and others are as good as us. People are people and people are what the world is all about - people and what people do.

We are in the midst of a t-shirt contest, no - not a wet t-shirt contest. In this one we are trying to put together some sort of saying that allows those of us into bondage to identify each other and at the same time it may allow us to say something like, "Yes, i do it and i like it."

Of course nothing is that simple and neither is the t-shirt contest. i'm the one who's supposed to be posting these suggestions and even i have to admit that i'm not doing a very good job of it, sorry. i'm trying to do my best, but keep in mind that i'm just like you, i have a job, a husband and Master to tend to, and bills to pay and all the other stuff that you do too. i'm not complaining, just explaining why i'm not always doing things to help out Sir Red like i wish i could do.

Another thing that i'm not doing like i wish i was doing is keeping up with profiles. Keep sending them in and i will process them as best as i can with the same restraints as the t-shirt contest.

So with all of this going on why am i doing this page? Glad you asked. Bondage is inside on me and it has to come out. i need to draw some bondage, write some about it, and even time to do a bit here and there. Processing forms, even bondage related forms, isn't quite the same as living bondage. There's only so much i can do. The chat is a negative income for Sir Red's site, he doesn't charge a dime for the service. That means he has to rely on people like me to help him out. Heinlein once wrote that there's no such thing as a free lunch, i don't believe that at all, i refuse to. Some things are free and good too. I think the chat is one of those things and i will do my best to work to make it the best chat possible. i apologize for any delays.

It feels a little like i should quote JFK "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!" i don't really believe is that one either, but there is a certain ring of truth there too. It's coming up to the time when we need to start thinking about who's going to be printing our t-shirts - if you know of anyone who would be good to do it let us know, ok? We have a perspective t-shirt screener in mind, but no contracts have been signed yet. Keep those t-shirt ideas rolling in, ok?

Ok, last topic - well almost.

On the subject of a t-shirt slogan: Bondage gets a lot of bad press and it does mean the same thing as being put away in prison and being oppressed. There is a difference between Bedroom Tie Up Games and bondage. Suppose we called it something different? How does Intelligent Trying sound? How does a slogan like "I like IT!" sound? Just a thought...

On the subject of our newbie: i'm not so sure he's that much of a newbie to bondage, he tied up brandi, tracee, labby, and myself this morning in chat! And i think he's done the same thing with a couple of girls that he did with me, namely got us to explain what it is we like about bondage, how we got started, and more or less let us ramble on the subject of bondage. That's cool, i have enjoyed the time spent with him. Here's the point though, if you met someone that for whatever reason you were placed in a position to explain bondage what would you say? Each of us is an ambassador for bondage so what would you say to present it in an intelligent and articulate manner? i think maybe each and every one of us has a different viewpoint on it. There are a number of points to bondage that ring true for the vast majority of us and there are points that strike home for just a few of us, can you articulate what it is about IT that rings your bell, strikes your fancy, gets your motor running? Think about it...

i'm winding down, i promise...

On the subject of each of us being different: i like being different, don't you? i'm different in how i act, what i wear, what i eat, and even how i spell my name. i don't want to stay between the lines. i don't want to be classified. i really want to be different. Part of the reason is to be me, and not some stereo-type. i don't want to be different just for the sake of being different though. And at the same time i want and need to be accepted. Let's remember that the next time we are out there being different, let's remember to accept others - if you don't do that then how can you expect to be accepted yourself?

On the subject of bondage being called IT or Intelligent Tying: i know that at times i come off as an airhead and i have to admit that i do have my moments. But because i practice bondage or have practiced at it i have had to use my head a lot more than i may have had to do if i hadn't even gotten tied up. i think there's a lot of us who have had our gray matter exercised thanks to bondage (i mean IT.) For me there's been the desire that i shouldn't have had and learning how to accept it and bring it into my everyday life in a meaningful and constructive manner. There's also the times when i am about to be tied up and i really have to think about what i will accept being done to me, what i won't accept or allow, and what i feel like i can safely leave in a gray area for my partner to decide for me. When i'm tied up my mind gets extra exercise as i monitor my state of well-being, struggle to get as comfortable as i can, and try to devise a way to get free. And at that moment when i am brought to the crest of another roaring climax and all the emotions sweep over me like thousands of waves coming from all points of direction, time, intensity, and all other points of perspective my mind is working overtime feeding me all the sensations of a bondage climax. Yas, i think bondage does improve one's mind. Bondage is Intelligent Tying!

Don't think bondage is mainstream? Check out this link to a "non-bondage" site...

Ok, i did some art, spouted off, and now i'm almost caught up on getting some of this bondage stuff out of me into the light of day, just one more thing and i'll be done... How's about a little bondage story? Our newbie had a big impact on me and one of the things he said that kinda inspired me was doing bondage photos in a more artsy way. Lemme explain: he described this old timey covered bridge and on the other side there's an old-timey church and at the right time of day the sun raises behind the church and it can be seen looking through the covered bridge so that the bridge frames the view. He suggested a picture of that with a man toting a tied up woman in a white dress over his shoulder. Sounds kinda nice to me. So much of the bondage photography we see are like diagrams. i mean the mechanics are there, but the feeling is getting a little lost maybe. The pictures turn us on, but maybe they don't inspire. Maybe i have become jaded now that i get to see all the bondage photos i want to see. i can still remember a time when looking at a clothing catalogue and some model was posing with one or both of her hands behind her back and it was close enough to bondage to have sweet thoughts about. Just tack this up as food for thought. i'll see if i can't get a little more artsy in my drawing and if anyone finds some photos that not only are turn-ons but also 'speak' to them then let us know about it. Don't take me wrong, we are lucky to have all the great photographers we have working with bondage and the models we have are among the best in the world, but it's never ok to just sit back and not try to go further and do better.

i was going to do a story about the pictures i've drawn here (which BTW are inspired by a photo from where i'm nude except for a straight jacket (and some tennies) and Rob and i go to a corn field at night and i have to avoid him and make it back to the car first to avoid wearing the jacket for 24 hours, BUT that would be just a story. Instead let me tell you what really happened when i got home from work the other night...

Relax at Home

Rob works tons of overtime at work every week and here lately i've been getting some where i work at too. His job is a lot more physical than mine but i have a lot of pressure ever day, i'm an IT professional (Information Technology, not Intelligent Tying.) So the other night when i went home i was worn out, which is nothing new. What was new was Rob my Master was already home and waiting for me. Really waiting, if you know what i mean, he had plans...

i consider it to by my job and my joy to always greet Rob as soon as he comes in the door. This time it was i who was greeted! i had seen Rob's truck in the yard when i arrived so i knew he was home. i wasn't too surprised when he met me at the door. i was gratified to find arms open to me, for me to fall into - which i did. The kisses i received were a delight, but not too too surprising. We both believe firmly in showing our affection for each other, it's a rule. i was a little surprised by the fact that Rob had a set of handcuffs on his pocket all ready to receive me too.

i get tied up a lot, but never enough.

Rob pulled out the handcuffs and i smiled. He put one finger on my lips. That means i am not allowed to speak. Doing something different sexually is always great, but doing it with someone you are familiar with, someone that knows my moves and moods, someone the i know his moves and moods too is always best. My hands were secured behind me even before the door was closed.

He pressed me against the wall and kissed away while his hands checked out my body. i was melting before he backed off. Being aroused and having sex withheld is almost a norm for bondage. It's always better later. The bigger the struggle, the greater the reward. i was already trembling and weak in the knees, but i didn't object when i was pointed in the direction of our shower.

Silently he undressed me as much as possible, the blouse unbuttoned and pushed back over my shoulders, my bra undone and moved out of the way to expose me. Each time he touched me the touch was electric and took my breath from me or made me gasp, whimper, or moan. The water was turned on and adjusted. Rob pushed me in and i got to watch him hurriedly doff his clothes. In an instant he was in the shower with me and had me pinned to the wall again, wet hands exploring, hungry lips exciting me.

Our bodies wet and soapy he again brought me to the edge of a climax.

i whimpered pleadingly as he stopped and pulled me from the shower. He let me stand there as he went to the bedroom. The air conditioner came on and blew frosty air across my heated body and i hid from the draft against the wall. He came back and he had another set of handcuffs. This set he put on my elbows after pushing my blouse down below them. He freed my hands and removed my dripping blouse. He fiddled with the straps on my bra until he had the ends played through where the straps are adjusted and then he removed the bra from me. He toweled himself off looking at my nakedness. i could see that he was very aroused, perhaps i wouldn't have to wait too long for him to extinguish the fires he had lit within me.

He did have some mercy for me, he toweled my dry using his hands then drying them on the towel, drying with his hands, wiping them on the towel, again, and again - until it was unnecessary to dry me off and the water just practically steamed off of me. Torments of a subbie...

Pitty-pat pitty-pat pitty-pat... Ok, things are moving pretty fast here, i mean i get home, get tied up, showered in my clothes, stripped, tied, and teased. That's a lot! Add to that the idea that when i get tied up i never know what the other person is going to do. Add to that getting teased and not fulfilled. This is the age of "I want it all - and i want it now!" So what makes me allow myself to be treated like this? In a word it's gotta be trust... well, maybe two words are in order, trust and love both. It takes love and trust for the other person - and it takes love for myself too. i deserve this much attention, i deserve this kind of spontaneity.

That's not to say that at this point my heart isn't going pitty-pat.

Ok, let's toss in another word, lust. i know i'm headed for sky-rockets and sizzling sparklers, and i'm not saying that because it's the Fourth of July!

Maybe i shouldn't toss in that third word - not because it isn't on the money. What i mean is there are so many other words that could be added to this mix. If i used just one word for each emotion then this would be at least a book!

We constantly try to describe bondage, and we constantly give up because it's just so big! We can't just give up though, can we?

Surely there are words to describe being tied up, stripped, and teased. Of course then there'd need to be words to describe being dressed in my frillies like black lace bikini undies, silk stockings, my white silky blouse with all the lace and ruffles in the bodice, sexy heels, and a short thin mini-skirt (black.)

How about words to describe having my hands handcuffed behind me in a backwards praying position that i just know that there's a way out of, but i've never been able to get my hands back down again. How about words to describe when Rob my Master gets too excited doing this to me and enters and climaxes in spite of his best efforts not to? How about when he finishes and as soon as he's able he continues and i know that as good as what just happened was that it is going to be almost nothing compared to the grand finale of the evening after hours of being tied up, teased, and cuddled. Do i deserve that much attention? No, but i would hate to see anyone trying to stop Rob once he gets going!

i wish our t-shirts could just say, "Glad to be a subbie!" Ok, i'm done now and i can get back to doing profiles and putting up the latest t-shirt slogan ideas. Thanks for listening...

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