Good morning!

Gosh, listen at me will you? i think i'm still in chat! That's where i have been spending a lot of time lately and why i haven't been doing a lot of articles. Chats are a lot of fun and i really enjoy being able to be with people.

i was supposed to help out with getting things set up for the chats and i've done a fair amount that kept me busy, but i also did a pretty fail amount of getting in there and having a lot of fun meeting new people. I'm going to mention a few and describe some of the things we've done. Chatting isn't all just a bunch of typing, it's about doing things with people too.

We got a rush of people right off the bat and there' a really good group hitting our chat. As you may know it's sponsored by "The SweetTies Family of Sites." That means there are a lot of different sites connected with it and to it. It also means a lot of the people involved with some of the sites you like to visit the most are in there on any given day. Everyone from webMasters and webMistresses to the photographers, models, and artists, not to mention a lot of our site visitors.

i've been in chats before and i loved them then as much as now. Admittedly i am finding this one a bit unusual to acclimate to. Here i am part of the group that actually sponsors and maintains the chat. That's a new role for me. Usually i'm an outsider who joins in and does her best to fit in and be a part of the community. That might sound harder, but being a truly resident subbie in a chat where i'm one of the people who bangs on the pipes to keep the chat running is.. different.

For one thing i am meeting a lot of the people that i have met in letters at one time or another in the past. Remember the article about the happy home maker with kids? That's tiana, she's in there! i'm meeting a lot of people that i have written to over the years. In email it was easy to set one mood and keep that mood going in the correspondence. Some letters seemed to require one mood and other letters a different mood so a lot of people got to meet one side of me or another.

Suddenly i found myself in multiple roles!

One of the things that i didn't work out right away is if i was going to be like one of the sponsors and just greet guests and answer to their needs concerning the physical chat room - or if i was going to be down on the floor and playing with everyone. This got somewhat embarrassing one time... i was in there and it wasn't quite quiet, but it could have gone that way so i began talking bondage and tie ups and like that. That kinda opened the door for someone to write "and I pull out a handful of rope and watch shevette's eyes..." which led to some else grabbing up the ropes and tying my feet!

All of this happening in 30 seconds or less! - And i feared that someone was about to write something about tying my hands and or removing my blouse and or jumping my bones! i've had cyber-sex before and i think it's a good thing, i mean, is there any kind of safer sex? That was when i was single, but i'm married now! And i am a firm believer in monogamy. i love my husband, my Master. And that gets into a lot of things, but first let's conclude what happened...

i think i said something like, "Umm... please don't tie me up, Really, being serious" which embarrassed the guy who was still busy wrapping rope around my legs. i hadn't figured out what i wanted my role to be in chat and i knew that i do get carried away easily. Sometimes i get caught up in the moment and i do things in chat that for the sake of my husband i wish i hadn't done. Rob is pretty understanding and acknowledges that cyber sex is not real sex and that i am not being unfaithful to him or wanting any other man. He's cool with it, but doesn't want me doing a lot of cyber and neither do i.

In real life if Master Rob was to ever suggest giving me to another man it'd just break my heart. i wouldn't like that idea at all. Anyway the guy in the chat really got flustered and said so which made me feel guilty as all get out and i tried my best to apologize to him, but he got a red face and left quickly. Not something i'm proud of.

The point is, i guess, that i wasn't ready. i hadn't decided at that point as to how far i was willing to go when that sort of situation cropped up. i needed some help making up my mind - and did i ever get it! Before i get into that allow me to say to the guy that i embarrassed that i did not mean to and allow me to apologize for not having my hat on straight. i do realize that to a number of men i have become like a walking fantasy and while that's very flattering i am a real person and while certain sides of me are very wild and free i also have one or more sides rooted in day to day reality.

So there i was a loose canon and still not sure of how i should act in this chat. i like to pretend and i love talking about either bondage that i've done or bondage heard of or bondage that could be tried. Still i am a married woman now and exactly how that was supposed to fit into chat was an unknown.

Then i met tracee. Now she's a ball of fire and anyone that meets her is sure to love her immediately. We are very fortunate to have her with us. She's intelligent, full of spunk, and she can be as outspoken as she needs to be - she's got a mind of her own! i also met Ropeart and he's a lot of fun - and he just loves tying us girls up! Does he ever!

Most days are like this one for me. i get up about four in the morning to get dressed and to fix breakfast and eat it with my Master. Then he goes off to work and i have about an hour before i have to finish getting dressed and going to work myself. An ideal time to go to the chat and... Well, at first it was to make sure it's running and listen to see if anyone is having a problem getting in or anything like that. We did have some problems a week or so ago. But what i do when i get into the chat in the morning is evolving, like anything new.

One morning i met amber who is a great gal to meet. She's sharp as a tack and very nice. Little did i know how well i was to meet her! Several of the regulars were there and Ropeart was up to his usual tricks and before amber or i knew it we were tied up - to each other! It's kinda confusing to recall. Actually we got tied to each other twice; once in a 69 position and once back to back. It was fun and i enjoyed it. Ropeart, thanks for getting me into the swing of things! Amber thanks for playing along and for being so witty and fun!

One thing i do remember is Ropeart being busy tying our legs and trying to get his attention long enough to tell him that it was time for me to go to work. He's a man who very much enjoys his work! (tying us up!)

i think the next tie up scene that i got involved in had tracee getting tied up in a suspension scene. Believe it or not but she was the one getting tied up and i was mostly just watching. i could tell she was enjoying it and believe it or not the guys involved were kinda half in and half out. i was about ready to go get ready for work and they had her handing by her wrists which were in handcuffs! i just couldn't leave her hanging like that!

Before i left i tied her hands with rope so the handcuffs wouldn't hurt her and took them off. Then to make up for removing the handcuffs i tied her at the elbows and knees - all for the sake of making her comfy - honest! i felt like she would be comfy like that, but i wanted her to feel her bondage or her helplessness a little better so i stole her heels before i left. It's all cyber bondage, but i take it very real. All day at work i worried about leaving her like that.

That evening after i got home i did what chores had to be done before diving on the chat again and thank goodness she was there. She pretended to be spitting fire as soon as she saw me and in no time at all i was sitting on the floor with my hands handcuffed behind me, which relieved some of the guilt i had felt all day. Then she showed me how helpless i was by pantsing me (that means she pulled my pants off; slacks, jeans, skirt, whatever i was wearing). Now tracee is a big fan of hosiery or stockings and she knows that i'm not. They are just way too dressy for a country girl like me. They feel good once on and look great, but i hate having to put some of them on. Trace put a pair on me! Wow, is all that i can say! That and thank you tracee!

This is all cyber we are talking about here, but it's a lot of fun to pretend!

Some things in a chat aren't pretend though, like the people. One of those people is a dear sweet man who goes by the handle 'phil' and even though he uses a lower case 'p' there is nothing about phil that is lower case at all. He's a terribly sweet guy, says the funniest things and he's a real wonderful guy! Phil and i have met in private several times and we have good conversations that are relaxed and sincere. i enjoy being around him - a lot! He makes me feel safe and protected. If you see him have some friendly words with him, he's very nice.

i have met a lot of really great people in our chat and i invite you to stop by. The more you put into it the more you will get back out. Be real, but don't be afraid to share a fantasy or two -

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