i need your help...
i need your help... We need your help... We all need your help...


There are two kinds of people that suffer because they do not know what bondage really is and because they suffer, we suffer.
The Used

This is really two more groups; those who shy away from bondage because of what they hear frightens them, and those who try bondage because they think it is bad and they deserve it.

The Users

Two more groups; the ones who are afraid that bondage is abuse and avoid it, and those who feel like there is something wrong with themselves and try to take it out on their partners.

It hurts both them and us.

The answer is education. We have all been so busy hidding (which isn't completely wrong) that we have forgotten what it was like before we discovered that nealy everyone likes it. Let's help those who are not in the fold yet; the ones who have misconceptions and are afraid of it, and the ones who use it strictly for self fulfillment. We do that by saying, "I know what it is, and I'm cool with it."

We the people have been able to do a lot in America, from time to time and i sugest that we do so now. There's no need to take up arms (we are lovers not fighters anyway), but we can start a grass-roots movement towards the better understanding of bondage. We do that by coming out into the open - well, maybe not all the way into the open, but some...


Think of it like this: the more people know about bondage the more bondage we can have...

i know what bondage is,
 and i'm proud to say that... There are any number of benifits to educating people about bondage. We stop the abuse, we stop hidding, and maybe we even learn how to do it better (maybe even more often). We can also take from bondage what it teaches us, like acceptance and use in our everyday lives and if we do that maybe others will too.

There's no doubt that it would be a good thing, but how do we do this? Glad you asked. We could set up like a central clearing house of information, but we bondage types are way too independant for something like that. So the only alternative that i see is to gently let some of the people we know in on the fact that we know what bondage is.

Ok, everyone who just fainted go to the back of the room please. Those of you who think it's a good idea and want to do something listen up. Something else that we need to do is discretely let each other know who we are, very discretely.

i know that every time i give out some good information it feels like i'm taking it back again, but hang on because i have a plan... What would happen if we had a way to know who the other people into bondage were? Maybe not the people who get down and dirty with it everyday, but the people who understand it and are proud of it. What if we had a sign like an earing in our left ear or a bandana around our neck or... a t-shirt with a special emblem!

Ok, gather 'round close, here's the plan. We figure out a design that means "I know what bondage is" and stick it on a purse or a t-shirt or the back pocket of our jeans. We could make up logos and sayings too. And because bondage is for everyone we let who ever wants to copy it and use it. And we take the money generated from sales to promote bondage? Sounds pretty exciting to me!

So where would we do this? How about right here? i put up the form, you make suggestions and we go with what's best? Right now i see a t-shirt that we make up and sell, something that says bondage, but not too bluntly. Ok, time for talking is over, here's the form, contribute your original ideas, we'll make the t-shirts and the rest will be history!
OPTIONAL: Your name
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OPTIONAL: email address
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Make a comment here:

Suggest a saying here:
i know bondage - shevette
i like bedroom tie-up games - shevette
i'm kinda tied up right now - shevette
To tie me is to know me - shevette

Describe a bondage logo here:
A ball and chain - shevette

What should we put this on? A t-shirt, a bandana, mousepad, coffee mug, bumper sticker, other?
A white t-shirt - shevette

Where do you think the profits should be used?
A guy i know needs to go to school - shevette

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