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tracee and shevette compare DID and 'Love' bondage

12:46:12pm Session Ident: tracee (
tracee hey
shevette hey!
shevette wow!
tracee there
tracee lol
shevette i guess i shoulda paid the camera crew more
tracee maybe
shevette ok, we ready?
tracee looks like its ok now
tracee yep
shevette here we go
ALERT: «« Talon said your nick in #lobby »» Got it under control shevy?
shevette Ladies and gentlemen we are gathered to day to talk with the personality know as tracee
shevette how are ya today tracee
shevette ?
tracee fine shevette and you
shevette fine as long as this works
tracee do u want a comment after every line of yours or just respond to questions
shevette i really got a charge the other day when you and i got tied up side by side
shevette just be yourself
shevette you'll know when to speak up
tracee you and i both sis
tracee ok
shevette this is anything but formal
tracee lol thats good
shevette i think it was Ropeart who tied us up and you were wiggling and "grrr"ing and i was just being servile
shevette i never noticed that before
tracee well thats how we are different
shevette and i thought it'd be interesting for an interview
tracee ok ill try to help
shevette for me it's hard to do the damsel in distress thing
shevette go ahead
shevette pls
tracee i know its probably true of most of those who are into bondage
tracee its not being submissive
shevette what is it?
tracee its the opposite its a kidnapping and the victim is being held against her will
tracee to put it simply
shevette yas... go on
tracee well for us its the ropes and the feeling of helplessness
tracee its struggling to get free
shevette was this the way you did bondage the first time?
tracee omg the first time i was a child
shevette giggle
shevette for me the thrill is submitting
tracee and it was acting out the comic books and mainsteam tv and movies
shevette the giving up and the helplessness
tracee i understand its the way most are
shevette the did style?
tracee and for me its the protesting the fighting and yelling or mmmfffing
tracee no shev most are like you i believe
shevette hmmm i've done that
tracee and therefore its difficult to explain and
shevette for me it's confusing to make like im scared
tracee try to make others understand
tracee o thats it its acting i love being tied up lol i know im crazy
shevette any aspect of bondage is pretty hard to explain, i think
shevette hey, if any of us were normal, that'd be the pits
shevette i hate being 'normal'
tracee you are right you cant explain why you are like you are
shevette or average
tracee its like sexuality why is one heterosexual or homosexual
tracee no one knows
shevette when you are with someone, how do they respond?
shevette true
tracee well now its totally with my boyfriend he loves to nab me and tie me up
tracee tries to think up new scenarios and likes to keep me tied for fairly long times
shevette do you ever do scenes? like i did the secretary coming home from work and surprising the burglar scene once
tracee his pleasure is watching me struggle and the dialog because we seldom use gags
shevette giggle
tracee sometimes but usually its his ideas
shevette gags are nice, but they can get in the way can't they?
tracee and he might burst in with a ski mask etc
shevette ummm, that's scary
tracee here in the chatroom they are fun in r/l they can be dangerous we dont do em
shevette when you can't see his face
tracee o he dont fool me
shevette ummm he could
shevette i've done those where guy pretended to be someone else
tracee what fool me?
shevette giggle
tracee o sure he does that
shevette what was i thinking, that could never happen, giggle
tracee kidnaps me and hauls me off in the motorhome
tracee i love that
shevette it does sound like fun
shevette have you ever tried the Dom/sub type of bondage?
tracee and by the way sex is usually not involved although sometimes it is
shevette ok, i know about that end too
tracee no i would just never be able to pretend to be submissive
shevette interesting
shevette that seems to be the crux
tracee and any kind of pain devices would never turn me on
shevette me either, not really
tracee so u see i’m altogether different than most of your fans
shevette may i ask a personal question?
tracee sure
shevette have you ever tried spanking?
tracee not really a playful smack on the rear mabey thats about it
shevette ok, this one's tougher
tracee o o
shevette n_pple clamps
shevette ?
tracee out of the question its a pain device no way
shevette hmmm
shevette may i relate a bit?
tracee now some kind of painful position is different
tracee of course sis go for it
shevette explain pls, but first
shevette let me relate
tracee ok
shevette for those of you out in the audience this is called cross-posting...
shevette can you imagine having sex and at the moment of climax he swats your behind, really hard
shevette that really sends the sky rockets into orbit
shevette your opinion tracee?
tracee well i can't really but might be willing to try it since it doesn’t sound like a pain thing really
shevette ok another scenario
shevette you allow n_pple clamps and again at moment of climax he take them off
shevette let me describe the clamps, how they feel
shevette they hurt like the dickens
tracee would not be for me if u think of a damsel tied up in movies or tv thats what we like
shevette ok, lets go with what you were saying
tracee and for us the sex is separate and usually later
shevette i want to point out that there is no right or wrong way to do bondage just as long as both parties enjoy
shevette go on
tracee of course
tracee well by painful position i really mean one that cannot be maintained for any length of time
tracee but can be interesting and different
shevette like a really strict hog tie or some kind of suspension
shevette ?
tracee here in the chat the play can be extremely unusual
shevette ya
tracee suspension especially
tracee you really cant do it at home its far to uncomfortable
tracee a fairly strict hogtie is fine with me for several hours
shevette yes, safety is a prime concern in bondage
shevette really?
tracee absolutely
shevette several hours?
shevette 6C 14ool
tracee yea i can sleep like a baby hogtied
shevette and i thought i was the only one
tracee lol
shevette no!
shevette you can?
shevette i can't!
tracee thats what i thought for years
shevette wow!
shevette now this is interesting
tracee that i was the only one lol
tracee i thought i was really weird
shevette i'm very flexible, but hogties really stretch me out
tracee i’m not talking some real strict hogtie
shevette i think we all go through a period of thinking no one else has ever had the feelings
shevette oh
tracee yes but on tv u see it every night
tracee somebody else likes it
shevette ya, and they always play it wrong
tracee well they are restricted but its getting better i think
shevette makes me mad to see how the media teases the masses with bondage hints
tracee and........this is classic DID not bondage as such
shevette a little better
ALERT: «« Tomm said your nick in #lobby »» hiya shevy !
tracee lois lane is never raped
shevette i see
tracee daisy duke is only held against her will put in peril maybe
ALERT: «« isis said your nick in #lobby »» shevy
shevette brb tracy
tracee ok
shevette ok calmed em down, sorry
ALERT: «« planty1 said your nick in #lobby »» bye shevy
tracee what happened lol
tracee cats?
shevette what cats?
tracee calmed down\
shevette no, the good people in chat
shevette where were we?
tracee o i c well your popular they want u in there
tracee i said lois lane and daisy weren’t raped
shevette giggle, to tie me up
tracee of course
shevette ya, and that's the exposure you got
shevette but then to so did i
tracee but seeing them tied up held against their will in peril thats the sensation people like
shevette i think what turned me was the look on the other persons face if they thought i was being serious in my indignation over being tied up
shevette and one they don't like at the same time
tracee hmmmmm interesting
tracee its just always been a kidnapping or other hostage thing for me
shevette by going to the submission angle it was easier to control the flow of the scene
shevette both people on same page and all
tracee yes well a kidnapped damsel cant do that
tracee your right about that
shevette of course there is the giving up of...
tracee but limits can be discussed in advance
shevette selfdependance
shevette ya
tracee the helplessness is a big part of DID
shevette the idea of being subservient, taken to extreme is a real no no
tracee and the fact u could be held for long periods ransom etc
shevette hmmm, i feel like we are hitting on something here...
shevette do you see it?
tracee i really cant comment on that shevette subservience isn’t me
tracee go on
shevette i know, and i wouldn't wish it on anyone - unless they want it
shevette ok,
tracee of course
shevette on one side we have the disadvantage of DID being that you can scare your lover
tracee just as i dont understand the pain and submission
shevette on the other side we have being servile is giving up a part of yourself
tracee your readers (most of em) cant understand bondage without sex and/or pain
shevette i wouldn't say that trace, it's a pretty diverse group
tracee i have been asked sooooo many times to explain why i like what i like
shevette usually when one tries to quantify a group one is wrong
tracee i agree
shevette do you see the two sides?
shevette on the DID and D/s stuff?
tracee i see that there are two sides probably more
shevette prolly more
tracee and i am perfectly willing to tolerate other likes
shevette i'm trying to envision a more cohesive picture here
tracee more than two sides i think so many variations on everything
shevette oh yes, one thing we hafta learn in bondage is to accept what others like
tracee in bondage or just about anything where opinions etc can differ
shevette i was trying to picture something between DID and D/s
tracee well i think we agree one is submissive the other is not but its acting
shevette yes, bondage is a good thing to draw lessons from for everyday life, i agree
shevette ok, there's a thought tracee
tracee what
shevette i know how to keep the submissive side of bondage in my everyday life, how is that accomplished in DID?
shevette not trying to put you on a spot, but how do you do it?
tracee ive never given that much thought maybe we dont
tracee its really not every day i guess
shevette do you have like days when you are 'in danger'?
shevette hmmmm
tracee its kinda spontaneous but quite often so i can expect to get nabbed just about anytime lol
shevette like for me, i could get tied at any moment, at any time
shevette giggles
tracee sure me too
shevette that part is fun, isn't it?
tracee and he loves to do it when its inconvenient
shevette 6L 14aughing 6O 14ut 6L 14oud
shevette i told you my husband was working late this week
tracee like if i wanna see a tv show or he makes me watch sports tied up
shevette one night he was going to be at work all night
tracee yes you did
shevette ok, for the audience
tracee oooo the shed!
shevette i went to see him at work and bring him some food
shevette giggles
shevette so we had some time and he locked me in a shed with my hands handcuffed in front of me
shevette that was exciting
shevette ok, here's a thought
shevette maybe DID and D/s are not opposite
shevette they are a lot alike
tracee true but lots of difference also
shevette except i get spankings giggle
shevette ya
tracee ok and nip clamps?
shevette well only a few times a year
tracee and sex and nudity
shevette i won't let my nips get to where they look like a dog chewed on them
tracee whereas i like stuff you would normally do to someone your holding for ransom
shevette you don't get tied up nude?
tracee yes sometimes but its usually not in a scenario
tracee its pretty much just sex at that point
shevette well, i don't usually get tied up undressed, i just end up like that...
shevette ok, another point
tracee we may be starting to go around in circles
shevette bondage does not always mean sex
shevette ya i think we are
shevette bottom line
tracee ok
shevette "We both enjoy it a BUNCH!"
shevette understatement or what?
tracee spanglish
shevette giggles
shevette well tracee it's been fun
tracee hope u gonna edit this i feel like i rambled
shevette is there anything else you'd like to mention?
shevette rambling is good
tracee i dont think so we covered it dont you think
shevette we rambled on it, and that's good
shevette thanks a lot
tracee the explanations were fine im sure \
tracee ok
tracee see ya in channel
shevette neither of us has the answer, no one does, but it's always good to talk thing over, i think
shevette OKAY
tracee yep
Session Close: Sun May 12 13:50:14 2002
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